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What is this website ?

This is a project to build a "Hall of Fame" for MyAnimeList's Anime Watching Challenges Club.

The previous Hall of Fame was entierely maintained by hand, which led to many small mistakes, and really rare updates. This is an attempt to automate the process (at least partially), and offer various features that just weren't possible the old way (such as graphs).

Who created it ?

The webmaster, Jhiday programmed it and does most of the updating. Some accesses have been granted to other club staff members so that they can help out.

The website uses a Symfony2/PHP/MySQL backend, with HighCharts for the graphs.

I'm a new club member, why am I not listed on the list of all users ?

You need to have turned in at least one challenge in the club's turn-in thread.

I just turned in one challenge in the club's turn-in thread, and it doesn't appear here !

Patience. This website isn't updated in real time, and new turn-ins are only added every few days. At worst, it may take a week or two, don't worry too much about it.

You can keep track of what was latest turn-in added to the database with the counter on the main page.

The home page's counter is well past my turn-in, and I still can't see it ! (Or there is some other kind of mistake !)

This is indeed a problem ; the import process does have a few bugs. Please contact the webmaster with a link to your turn-in, and we'll try and correct it swiftly.

Be aware that the more deviations you have from the recommended turn-in format, the more the risk of an error occuring rises. So please stick to it.

Also, all turn-ins that were deemed invalid by the Club Inspectors (and marked as such) will only show up (crossed-out) on your "chronological" page.

I'm not even a club member, why am I listed here ?

You probably have turned in the Official MAL Anime Watching Challenge (or an earlier edition). That challenge isn't run by the club, but we do take it into account and give points for it. For simplicity's sake, we deem anyone participating in it a potential future club member.

If you really don't want your name here, give a word to the webmaster.

Why do some challenges give no points ?

There are few recent challenges where the club staff just haven't decided yet how much they'll be worth. Just be patient, whenever it's settled your point total will be automatically recalculated.

Also, some challenges (such as the official AWCs) can only be turned in once. Only the turn-in giving the most points will be taken into account.

I have changed my MAL username, how can I merge my two scores here ?

Please contact the webmaster ; this should be done relatively fast.

Known Bugs / Issues

  • The site does not use the "end dates" from the turn-ins, they're impossible to parse consistently. Instead it's using the date of the turn-in post itself. This probably will never get fixed.
  • Some of the turn-ins for the Official AWC '15 challenges aren't yet taken into account. Contact the webmaster if you need yours added.
  • Not all of the rules for every challenge are listed. That's because some of them are extremely specific and hard to deal with ; I can't fit them in a more general framework yet.
    Non-exhaustive list :
    • Aired 20XX : Non-TV anime are allowed if they have 12+ episodes.
    • Movie Timeline : The pre-1978 items do allow anime previously seen and/or <20 minutes.
    • Ultimate : Non-TV anime are allowed if they have 12+ episodes, averaging 20+ minutes/ep.
    • Hentai : Anime with Rx rating are allowed even if they don't have the Hentai genre tag.
    • Shoujo Ai : Anime with Yuri genre are allowed even if they don't have the Shoujo Ai genre.
    • Shounen Ai : Anime with Yaoi genre are allowed even if they don't have the Shounen Ai genre.
    • OVA-per-Day : Anime with at least 10+ minutes/ep are always allowed.
    • Episodic : OVA anime must have 15+ minutes per episode.
    • Shorts : Only anime with <10 minutes per episode are allowed.
    • User Ratings : Any anime with 10+ episodes are allowed (even if they don't have a total duration of 15+ minutes).


  • Fri, August 10th 2018
    • Added latest/popular challenges to the homepage.
  • June-July 2018 (during the MAL crash)
    • Added more comprehensive series data + first steps at automated import.
    • Added challenge items for (nearly) all list-based challenges.
    • Added basic import of user lists + hidden challenge checklists.
  • Wed, May 16th 2018
  • Sun, February 18th 2018
    • Added basic badge management + display.
  • Wed, February 14th 2018
    • Added more rulesets to challenges, including incompatibilities.
    • Added import procedure for Official '18 AWC.
  • Thu, February 8th 2018
    • Added a LOT more data about each challenge, especially regarding their detailed rules.
    • Added challenge creation/modification forms to the back-office.
  • Wed, January 31st 2018
    • Added charts with number of active users per month to the homepage.
  • Fri, January 26th 2018
  • Fri, November 17th 2017
  • Fri, November 10th 2017
  • Wed, September 27th 2017
    • Added banners for challenge pages (thanks riho !).
  • Fri, August 25th 2017
    • Pioneers can now be sorted by challenge.
  • Tue, August 22nd 2017
    • Added Top Users for Anime High Score Challenge.
    • Various back-office improvements for smoother updates.
  • Fri, August 18th 2017
    • Added statistics for challenges by category.
  • Wed, August 16th 2017
    • Added listing of pioneers by user.
    • Better fix for chart tooltip date display bug.
  • Mon, August 14th 2017
    • Updated FAQ for public use.
    • Opened the site to the public.
  • Thu, August 10th 2017
    • Revamped security configuration for additional access to specific staff users.
  • Wed, August 9th 2017
    • Moved Changelog to sub-tab to clear up the main page a bit.
    • Fixed Bug on chart tooltip date display (hopefully) + some refactoring of chart configuration.
  • Tue, August 8th 2017
    • Added MAL links + graphs to user pages.
    • Reintegrated more missing/invalid turn-ins.
  • Mon, August 7th 2017
    • Score calculations have been revamped, with repeat rules now fully-enforced.
    • Added ranking of users by full score, validated score & number of turn-ins.
    • Added points to Monthly Challenge creators.
    • Added page for ranking of challenge by turn-ins.
  • Sat, August 5th 2017
    • Scavenger Hunt (& Numbers) sets are now properly computed.
  • Fri, August 4th 2017
    • Added script for easy (and repeatable) reintegration of "missing" turnins.
    • Fixed more duplicates, errors & missing entries for users L-Z.
    • Fixed bug that would hide pioneers in some cases.
  • Thu, August 3rd 2017
    • Added monthly chart on main page.
    • Added script for easy (and repeatable) fixes on botched imports.
    • Fixed a LOT of duplicates (and missed repeats) for users A-K.
  • Wed, August 2nd 2017
    • Added basic support for x2 and so-on repeated challenges.
  • Tue, July 9th 2017
    • Added invalid turnins to chronological view per user.
    • Added page for challenge pioneers.
  • Fri, July 7th 2017
    • Added secret admin form for entering Official AWC '17 turnins. (+ status updates on main page)
    • Added import script for Official AWC '15 + imported all already validated turnins (although there's still 150ish unvalidated turnins for me to tweak so that they can be entered into the system)
  • Wed, June 28th 2017
    • Added page for each challenge (+ links to original MAL threads).
    • Added links to challenge posts.
  • Tue, June 27th 2017
    • Streamlined navigation ; now there are breadcrumbs everywhere.
    • Fixed chronological ordering of Official AWC turnins for users.
    • Fixed (somewhat) proper recognition of upgrades, especially for 52 weeks Challenge.
    • Fixed recognition of "style #2" Sports Challenge.
    • Fixed order of Monthly Challenges.
    • Fixed user capitalization issue.
    • Display latest update.
    • Added links to turnin posts.
  • Mon, June 26th 2017
    • Added Highest Score Anime Challenge data (with specific input method).
    • Added more complete Official AWC '16 & '17 data (with specific input method).
    • Fixed name for Content Rating TV Challenge.

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