Challenge : Osomatsu

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Total Time : 70 hours 41 minutes 50 seconds

    Osomatsu-kun (0/1)

  1. Osomatsu-kun (1988)
  2. Osomatsu-san (0/12)

  3. Osomatsu-san
  4. Osomatsu-san Short Film Series
  5. Osomatsu-san Special
  6. Osomatsu-san: Ouma de Kobanashi
  7. Osomatsu-san 2nd Season
  8. Osomatsu-san Short Film Series 2nd Season
  9. Osomatsu-san Movie
  10. Osomatsu-san Movie: Zensetsu Gekijou
  11. Osomatsu-san 3rd Season
  12. Chocomatsu-san: Valentine's Day-hen
  13. Osomatsu-san: Hipipo-Zoku to Kagayaku Kajitsu
  14. Osomatsu-san: Tamashii no Takoyaki Party to Densetsu no Otomarikai

Series Collections Osomatsu

Created on : 2023-08-23

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Rules :

  • This challenge requires watching every anime listed, except those marked as bonus or unreleased.
  • All anime, including previously seen or started, can be used for this challenge.
  • Ongoing anime are allowed for this challenge, provided you are up to date on them (as "Currently Watching", "On Hold" or "Dropped").
  • This challenge can only count once. Only one turn-in will be taken into account.