Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website ?

This is a project to build a "Hall of Fame" for MyAnimeList's Anime Watching Challenges Club.

The previous Hall of Fame was entirely maintained by hand, which led to many small mistakes, and really rare updates. This is an attempt to automate the process (at least partially), and offer various features that just weren't possible the old way (such as graphs).

Who created it ?

The webmaster, Jhiday programmed it and does most of the updating. Some accesses have been granted to other club staff members so that they can help out.

The website uses a Symfony5/PHP/MySQL backend, with HighCharts for the graphs.

I'm a new club member, why am I not listed on the list of all users ?

You need to have turned in at least one challenge in the club's turn-in thread to appear in that list.

Do note that you can still log in (with the "through myAnimeList" button) ; this will automatically create an account for you on the Hall of Fame, if needed.

I just turned in one challenge in the club's turn-in thread, and it doesn't appear here !

Patience. This website isn't updated in real time, but once per day (around 00h30 UTC).

You can keep track of what was latest turn-in added to the database with the counter on the main page.

The home page's counter is well past my turn-in, and I still can't see it ! (Or there is some other kind of mistake !)

This is indeed a problem ; the import process does have a few bugs. Please contact the webmaster with a link to your turn-in, and we'll try and correct it swiftly.

Be aware that the more deviations you have from the recommended turn-in format, the more the risk of an error occuring rises. So please stick to it.
You can also check the log of recent turnin errors for why it may have been rejected.

Also, all turn-ins that were deemed invalid by the Club Inspectors (and marked as such) will only show up (crossed-out) on your "chronological" page.

How do I log into the website ?

You should use the "log in through myAnimeList" button on the login form. Do note that while MAL warns you about the Hall of Fame potentially updating your anime & manga lists, you can rest assured that the Hall of Fame will never do that ; it will only ever access the read-only functionalities of the MyAnimeList API.

The user-password form on the login page is for Hall of Fame administrators only. Do not enter your MyAnimeList password there, it won't work anyway.

Finally, be 99% of the content of this website is freely available to everyone. Logging in only provides you a bit of convenience, such as auto-selecting your user when viewing a challenge.

I'm not even a club member, why am I listed here ?

You probably have turned in the Official MAL Anime Watching Challenge (or an earlier edition). That challenge isn't run by the club, but we do take it into account and give points for it. For simplicity's sake, we deem anyone participating in it a potential future club member.

If you really don't want your name here, give a word to the webmaster.

Why do some challenges give no points ?

There are few recent challenges where the club staff just haven't decided yet how much they'll be worth. Just be patient, whenever it's settled your point total will be automatically recalculated.

Also, some challenges (such as the official AWCs) can only be turned in once. Only the turn-in giving the most points will be taken into account.

I have changed my MAL username, how can I merge my two scores here ?

Please contact the webmaster ; this should be done relatively fast.

Known Bugs / Issues